Gentle chiropractic techniques are used to create structural alignment. There is no
‘cracking’ or ‘crunching’ of bones.  By bringing the joint to its neutral position, muscle and ligament balance is
created.  To maintain the neutral joint position we believe that the number of sessions should be low.  We find that the less frequently we treat the joint, the more likely it will ‘stay in position’.  We normally only need to treat the patient once per week to achieve great results.

Improve Flexibility, prevent injury and improve your Golf Swing

I know as well as anybody how golf can produce the best feeling on earth and the most frustrating in the space of 15 minutes. Make sure you give yourself the best chance of repeating the former time and time again.

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Pre and Post event massage support

Pre-Event Massage is a vital ingredient to an athlete’s preparation for an event.  This massage can be performed on the day of the actual event or even several days prior to it. The main aims of Pre-Event Massage are to relax tight muscles and get you ready for the stresses and strains of any endurance event. This type of massage also plays a huge role in injury prevention during and after the event.  We will focus on the muscle groups being used in any particular event.

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Runners knee (ITB)

Runner’s knee is a common issue among runners however it can also affect any active individual who does activities that require a lot of knee bending — like walking, biking, and running. The pain will normally be felt around the knee cap and can be a real barrier to increasing or even continuing training

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Golfers Elbow  

Specific conditions should also be paid to such as “Medial Epicondylitis” (Golfer’s Elbow*). Some of the symptoms are:

  • Tenderness and inflammation around the elbow joint
  • Reduced mobility when extending the arm
  • Pain when trying to lift or grasp objects

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Massage for Hamstring Strains and tightness

A hamstring strain is usually is as a result of either sudden acceleration, sharp twisting movements or jumping related activities. For hamstring strains and tightness Sports Massage can help loosen tight muscles, stimulate blood flow and therefore healing and aid in the stretching of the muscles.

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